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If you are interested in supporting Precarious Theatre financially firstly, thank you! The reality of the world is such that we cannot exist as a theatre company without the generous financial backing of people such as yourselves so your support is literally invaluable.

We do not ask for a minimum contribution to become a patron of Precarious Theatre although the larger your commitment, the more you will receive in exchange. Upon the receipt of your contribution, you will receive your benefits (listed below) for a full year. Our four tiers of patronage are:

Tier 1 (all patrons)

  • Your name will appear on our list of patrons on our website and in programmes alongside the date you first became a patron and, should you wish, the tier of your patronage indicated by the colour of your name.

  • You will receive notifications of upcoming shows via your preferred medium.

  • You will receive our annual new years newsletter.

Tier 2 (£10+)

You will receive the above benefits in addition to:

  • Quarterly updates on the inner goings-on at Precarious Theatre, including the 'Director's Diary', photos from rehearsal and videos from the cast discussing any upcoming production.

Tier 3 (£30+)

You will receive the above benefits in addition to:

  • Invitations to live pre/post- show discussions and AMAs with the director, writer and cast.

Tier 4 (£50+)

You will receive the above benefits in addition to:

  • An open invitation to visit rehearsals.

  • 30% off tickets for a full year and, to the best of our ability, we will reserve you the best seats at our performances.


Your patronage is not a rolling contribution or direct debit but a one time payment so you have complete control over if you continue after your year is up!

If you are still interested in becoming a patron or would like to discuss it further, please fill our the form below or send us an email at

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