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A hilarious new historical comedy about the unbelievably ‘true’ story of St. Augustine of Canterbury and his seemingly doomed quest to convert the people of Britain to Christianity. With its array of vibrant characters and thought-provoking commentary on belief, corruption, and hope, Conversion will be landing on Britain’s shores and captivating locals as part of the Summer season at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Camden.

Augustine may be the Vatican’s greatest preacher but will it be enough for him to wrangle the wild pagans of Britain into salvation? Seemingly surrounded by the confused and deluded, Augustine embarks on a crusade to uncover the truth behind the corruption that prevents the the Britons from seeing the light and the completion of his quest. With the help of Cola, a simple villager and seemingly the only positive candidate for conversion, Augustine interrogates the highs and lows of British medieval society to find the truth and rid the land of false beliefs. But will he achieve his mission and return to Rome a hero or will Britain’s inclement environment and hostile natives prove too much for the Pope’s chosen son?

Duration: ~90 minutes


15th, 16th, and 17th July, 2024 @ The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, Camden


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Director / Writer / Producer

See our About page for more info on Liam.




See our About page for more info on Marco.



Production Design

George is a North Devon born, London-based theatre maker whose practice encompasses design, writing, directing, devised making and performance. Having graduated from the BA Theatre Design course at Wimbledon College of Arts in 2022, he has since designed for a eclectic range of projects, from German touring theatre, to devised Brechtian ensemble work to naturalistic new writing. George also co-founded jarfrog in 2021, a performance company through which he collaboratively makes work for stage. He is really looking forward to getting stuck into the design process for Conversion and helping to bring this fantastic play to life!



Lighting Design

Niall is a lighting technician and designer based in South East London. Having finished university with a Music Technology degree, he continued working within the creative and theatrical world. Over the past few years, Niall has worked on lighting designs in theatres across London, finally landing as in-house tech at Brixton House Theatre. He has a passion for working on creative projects and is looking forward to bringing light to the stage for the Precarious Theatre company this July.



Original Music

Joshua Ward is a London-based composer and producer whose collaborative work spans live performance, theatre, film and radio. His music, “at turns propulsive, tender and unnerving”, makes reference to an array of industrial textures, uncanny worlds and musical memories. His work has been exhibited across Bristol, Manchester and London with organisations such as The Brunswick Club, Creative Youth Network, Noods Radio, Royal Exchange Theatre, Rung Magazine, Studio Stendhal and Hero Magazine. This is Joshua’s second production with Precarious Theatre.





See our About page for more info on Fran.




Ross Stephenson trained at Italia Conti Drama School where he received a BA Honours in Acting. He is also a Writer having recently published his first play Artorigus: The Downfall of a King which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022. He is very excited to now be working with Precarious Theatre and is really looking forward to be playing the role of ‘The Bishop’.




Tilly is a trained theatrical performer, having just graduated last October. Some of her recent Theatre work includes; ‘Education, Education, Education’ (2023) ‘Scenes From a World That Has No Night’ (2023), ‘The Other Side’ (2023), and ‘Mind The Gap!’ (2022). She has also worked on a couple Features and Shorts over the years, alongside a BBC Radio Mini Series back in 2020. Tilly enjoys writing, acting and singing and is set to work on a new devised piece of theatre this summer. She’s also worked alongside theatres such as The Old Vic, The Royal Court, The Globe, Lyric Hammersmith, and Flintock Theatre. She has just completed a short stint of filming with FabUK Productions, and is excited be back on stage!




See our About page for more info on David.




Carolyn is an actor and creative living in London. She trained at ALRA North on the Postgraduate course in Acting and is represented by Opaque Artists. She has been involved in theatre productions, such as Fringe, Theatre in Education and Pantomime and also has experience in various film projects. She has just been cast in a feature film scheduled to shoot this year and was recently involved in the Women’s Soliloquy Festival of New Writing with Londinium Theatre, where she won the Certificate of Excellence for the Soliloquy Form. Carolyn is excited to be in her first production with Precarious Theatre and has loved being able to collaborate with the team.




Theatre is Benjamin’s true love; he’s excited to work on a clever comedy with Precarious Theatre with such a lovely group of talented people! Credits include ‘The Addams Family: The musical!’ (Paradise Augustine, Edinburgh Fringe), Four Play by Jake Brunger (Mountview), 20 Minutes of Action (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe), Act II Festival (The Space, Canary Wharf) and You Won’t Help Me (The Other Place, Westminster). 

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