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A hilarious new historical comedy about the unbelievably ‘true’ story of St. Augustine of Canterbury and his seemingly doomed quest to convert the people of Britain to Christianity. With its array of vibrant characters and thought-provoking commentary on belief, corruption, and hope, Conversion will be landing on Britain’s shores and captivating locals as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe and at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Camden in the Summer of 2024.

Augustine may be the Vatican’s greatest preacher but will it be enough for him to wrangle the wild pagans of Britain into salvation? Seemingly surrounded by the confused and deluded, Augustine embarks on his crusade to uncover the truth behind the corruption that prevents the conversion of the Britons and the completion of his quest. With the help of Cola, a simple villager and seemingly the only positive candidate for conversion, Augustine interrogates the highs and lows of British medieval society to find the truth and rid the land of false beliefs. But will he achieve his mission and return to Rome a hero or will Britain’s inclement environment and hostile natives prove too much for the Pope’s chosen son?

Duration: ~90 minutes



12th July, 2024 @ 53two, Manchester (as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe 2024)

15th, 16th, and 17th July, 2024 @ The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, Camden

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