Failure Studies


Failure Studies is a new short play by Marco Biasioli. 'Failure Studies' is the name of the academic journal where Marc, Babe and George all work. In its office, these three individuals explore the nuances of failure in relation to their lives and humanity as a whole. What does failure mean? Do we learn from our failing? Do we fail 'better', as Samuel Beckett famously said? Well...we shall see.

The play was previewed at The Manchester Forum in November, 2020. In this preview, the role of Marc was performed by David Allen, Babe by Francesca Maria Izzo and George by Luke Richards. Click here for images.

Failure Studies then premiered at The Kings Arms, Salford on the 12th September 2021 as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe with the same creative team. Click here for images. A film of the performance is also available here.


Duration: 1 hour


12th-14th September @ The Kings Arms, Salford (as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe 2021)