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Failure Studies (2022)




Failure Studies is a short play by Marco Biasioli. 'Failure Studies' is the name of the academic journal where Marc, Babe and George all work. In its office, these three individuals explore the nuances of failure in relation to their lives and humanity as a whole. What does failure mean? Do we learn from our failing? Do we fail 'better', as Samuel Beckett famously said? Well...we shall see.

The play was previewed at The Manchester Forum in November, 2020. In this preview, the role of Marc was performed by David Allen, Babe by Francesca Maria Izzo and George by Luke Richards. Click here for images.

Failure Studies then premiered at The Kings Arms, Salford on the 12th September 2021 as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe with the same creative team. Click here for images and here for a video recording.


Duration: 1 hour


12th, 13th & 14th September 2021 @ The Kings Arms, Salford (as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe 2021)

6th & 7th June 2022 @ The Alma Tavern, Bristol

8th June 2022 @ The Rondo Theatre, Bath (as part of the Bath Fringe Festival 2022)

15th, 16th & 17th August 2022 @ The Etcetera Theatre, Camden (as part of the Camden Fringe Festival 2022)


* * * *

'...beautiful moments of self-realisation...'

'...a nutty, enjoyable, excruciating, laugh-out loud show, with a clever script. Hopefully, we will be seeing more from this company in the future.'

Heather Jeffery, Editor of London Pub Theatres Magazine

* * *

'...Marc, an editor, played with viciously enjoyable eye-twitching energy by David Allen...'

'Played with absolute gusto, the physical performance by Luke Richards alone makes Failure Studies worth a watch.'

'Do I want to see what this clearly creative theatre company does next? Absolutely.'

Jonathan Walfisz, Always Time for Theatre

'...delightful three-person-show...'

'...genuine insight...'

'...endearingly zany dialogue...'

Sarah Birch, Camden Citizen

"...a brilliantly acted piece devised from a novel concept that, as a whole, feels as if it is ready to immediately hit a much bigger stage."

The Greater Manchester Reviewer

"A highly confident production...Failure Studies cannot be considered a failure."

David Cunningham, British Theatre Guide

"Failure Studies was an enjoyably baffling play to watch. [...] I appreciated both the opaque dialogue and the continued (but frustrated) suggestions that something more profound was lurking just out of reach, under the surface."

Hannah Kate, She-Wolf Blog

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